S.O.R.T.I.E. - Special Operations Rescue Tactical Interdiction Expeditions


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Welcome to SORTIE, the publication that dares to be different! Our magazine is written for and by Search and Rescue/Recovery, Fire, Law Enforcement, Military, and EMS personnel. Our mission is to assist you in performing water operations as safely and effective as possible with state-of-the-art techniques, procedures, and equipment.

SORTIE editors understand and acknowledge that water operations are generally the least trained for, budgeted for, and the least understood, which also makes them some of the most dangerous operations. With proper training, procedures and resources, water operations can become relatively safe.

SORTIE is about hands-on skills you can practice and use at your next drill. It's about procedures to place in your standard operating guidelines. It is about the highest safety standards worldwide and how you can attain them. SORTIE is not about terminology, hypotheses, or theories. Every issue of SORTIE will provide you and your department with concrete knowledge for actual application.

When SORTIE reviews equipment it is based on actual use by actual operatives. You will hear what your peers have to say about equipment, not what the manufactures are saying. We will challenge your thinking. SORTIE is a forum in which equipment, techniques and procedures can be analyzed in a critical, yet objective manner.

SORTIE editors will teach you how to be more critical of what you are taught and what you currently do. SORTIE editors are unique experts in their fields and continually change and grow to develop the safest operations possible. We will be revolutionary, and we will rock the boat. If you want to know where public safety water operations are going, SORTIE is the SOURCE.

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