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1999 WaterOperations

Conference Schedule

                               FRIDAY, APRIL 23rd 1999          Starts 6pm


Small Boat and PWC Operations


Drowning Physiology and Pre-Hospital Care


Homicidal Drownings .... What all Responders Should Know


Contaminated Water .... What You Need to Understand

SATURDAY, APRIL 24th 1999        Starts 8am

103 Safe Diving Operations
104A Equipping a Dive Team
104B Exposure Suit Maintenance and Minor Repair
104C Blackwater Contingency Plans
105 Moving Water Response
106A Swiftwater
106B Blackwater Contingency Plans
106C Law Enforcement Water Safety Training
107 Hypothermia and Drowning
108A Surface Ice Rescue
108B Blackwater Search Patterns
108C DGPS and GPS

Sunday, April 25th 1999      Begins 8am

109 First on the Scene
110A Lung Over-Expansion Injuries
110B Training theTrainer
110C Surface Supplied Diving and Underwater Communications
111 Risk Benefit Analysis
112A Dive Team Tender Duties
112B Large Area Search Operations
112C Underwater Lifting

Underwater Vehicle Extrication                             Conference ends 4pm




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